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Frequently Asked Questions
There are a many misconceptions about the modeling and talent industry. Before exploring the possibility of pursuing this endeavor, we recommend that you read and understand the information on this page first.
Why must I submit a photo first?
The first step is to determine if you are photogenic. Photography is the primary medium in which we conduct business.
Can I submit my photo by e-mail?
No. Our process requires a hard copy, non-returnable photograph with specified information printed on the back of the photo so it cannot become detached in processing. No email submissions will be accepted.
What are you looking for in an applicant?
Marketability. Note: Marketability changes with seasons, trends, and client needs.
Fashion Model. Fashion models, both male and female, wear clothing for print, broadcast or runway. Regardless of the client, such as Wal-Mart, Saks, Levi's or Ralph Lauren, there is a height and size requirement. If you do not fall within these requirements, you will not be interviewed or selected.
Females - 14yrs old and up – at least 5'8" and size: 4/6/8. Plus size: 12/14/16/18.
Males – at least 5'11 to 6'2" – Waist 30 to 34" – Jacket 40 to 44"
Lifestyle Models. Lifestyle models appear in real life situations for print and broadcast. Models are frequently hired to appear in ads for products ranging from soap powder to healthcare; for clients like Coke, Delta, etc. You must be professional and have a flexible work schedule. We need all ages, especially mature models.
Actors. For actors, some experience or quality training is prefer. Tools required include a headshot and resume'. We need all ages, especially mature actors.
Can I call to see if you received my photo or selected me?
No. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we simply don’t have the time to personally address everyone.
You didn't accept me. Why?There may be many reasons why you are not accepted, however in most cases, we likely have enough talent in your category to meet our current booking needs.
What is our relationship?
Initially, you're approaching us to establish a partnership. After determining that you are marketable and that you meet all our requirements, then we will enter into a business partnership together. You will be our talent, and we will be your booking agent, advising you and acting on your behalf. You will be an independent contractor as defined by the Internal Revenue Service in publication 15, "Circular E, Employer's Tax Guide". We will not be your employer, nor will you be our employee.
Do I need a portfolio?
Probably not. Most models and actors do not benefit from portfolios in our market. However, some talent, in certain specific categories, may be more marketable with a portfolio. If we feel this applies to you, we will discuss this individually. However, you will need either a composite card or headshot.
What expenses will I incur?
As in any business, there are start-up costs. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for knowing the "business of the business" and for providing us with the tools of the trade. You will be required to supply us with composite cards, headshots, resumes or demo reels, as appropriate to your experience level and skill set. If someone tries to sell you a portfolio to enter the industry, be very suspicious!
Why doesn't the agency front my expenses if you think I am marketable?
It would be impossible for any agency to absorb the expense of creating all the marketing materials for all their talent. There are no guarantees to the agency that you will not relocate outside our market, not be flexible or become disabled or disinterested. If you believe in yourself, you must invest in yourself.
Are there any guarantees?
There are NO guarantees in this business. Our clients select the talent to be included in their ads from our talent pool. We expose you to our clients when they are booking talent in your category. Having an outstanding composite card, head shot, performing well on auditions, and being easy to work with makes you more appealing to the clients. Agents cannot guarantee that you will ever work. Clients such as JC Penney, Delta, Coke, Disney, etc., choose who they want to appear in their advertisements, commercials, movies, etc.- NOT THE AGENT. The agency has an extensive client database, and the only guarantee they can make is that when a client requests talent with your look, age, size, etc., we will present your picture(s) to that client for consideration. Remember, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
Do I need training?
You DO NOT have to take modeling classes. Quality, reputable acting training is always recommended. However, neither is necessary before an agent would be interested in representing you. We are not a school, but we can direct you to appropriate resources commensurate with your experience and skill set.
How much will I earn?
It varies. Your rates will increase with experience, exposure, and good performance. Suggestion: don't quit your day job just yet. While talent income can be substantial, it is also unpredictable. Only a very few professionals can make a living at it full-time.
What hours would I have to be available?
Work hours for this industry are normally Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm - NOT ON WEEKENDS OR EVENINGS. There are some exceptions, but not often. Meaning…if you are selected for a job or audition, you will have to adjust your schedule accordingly. You must work on the client's schedule, they don't work around yours.
Can you recommend a test photographer?
Not yet. A talent's marketability determines the type of photographer best suited to test that particular talent. Therefore, we cannot recommend a photographer for talent that we have not interviewed.
I know a professional photographer. Can they take my pictures?
Probably not. Fashion photography is a specialized trade. Talent photos are shot to fulfill a specific purpose, and must project the look that we are marketing. Your photo will be submitted with other talent photos and it is crucial that they be outstanding to attract the eye of an advertising art director. And, since it will bear our logo, your composite photography must meet or exceed our standards.
Do you require an exclusive contract?
Yes. However, an exception may be made for previously working professional talent on a case-by-case basis.
What about the unions (SAG and AFTRA)?
We generally do not recommend union membership for talent in our market. Most southeastern states, including Alabama and Georgia, are right-to-work states. Although union talent cannot work in non-union productions, non-union talent can only work in union productions in accordance with the Federal law known as the Taft-Hartley Act. Most of our bookings are non-union.